hand me down style

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I chose the name for this website because I feel that it captures my unique style.  People often compliment my outfits, and I’m thinking I just got dressed; you can do it, too.  Eventually, I realized that there is something that makes my style different.  You can’t go shopping and get the exact look I have because it’s been many years in the making.  Not only am I inspired by my parents’ and grandparents’ style, but most days, I’m wearing something that used to belong to one of them. 
My grandmother’s sweaters.  My mom’s belts and scarves.  Maybe even some snap pants from my brother or sweatshirt from my dad.  Ha, ha.

my parents looking stylish

Hand me down style is more than outfits, though.  My parents’ faith, morals, recipes, and habits have become mine, too. 
I hope to share several aspects of my hand me down style here, so please visit again, and comment on what you’d like to see.   Thanks for reading.

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