Memorial Day weekend cooking

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I should have taken more pictures (always), but here are a few from our cooking and eating adventures this past weekend.  B and I were both raised by good cooks, and we try to eat well.  

I prepared some food for us ahead of time and planned as short of a grocery list as possible for when we got there.  We stopped by the store a couple of times, though.  It's not a vacation if you plan too much, right?  And we wanted to try and spend time with everyone else who was at the beach.  

B took some cold things in his special cooler.  

Monday morning, I ate a leisurely breakfast outside while B was out fishing (after leaving at 5:30 ... ha, ha).  I cooked Martha Stewart's pancakes and topped them with strawberries.  When B texted me that he was back to the dock, I started making eggs, bacon, and grits for him because I knew he would be hungry when he got back.

B caught Spanish Mackerel, which his dad grilled on Tuesday night.  They were great!  I helped clean the fish, believe it or not.  

We cooked tacos one night, which is something we need to do more.  They were very quick, easy, and good.  Mexican food almost always turns out well at home.

I made up some of this sauce before we went to the beach.  I cut a few slits in two split chicken breasts and spooned the sauce over the chicken before cooking.  B grilled the chicken over coals and put more sauce on the other side when he flipped it.  

The sauce was very spicy when I tasted it alone, but it was delicious after cooking!  We will definitely be making this again!  B has picked up his dad's grilling skills.  We couldn't recruit any family or friends to eat this with us, but they certainly missed out.  We covered our plates and ate it again the next day; it may have been even better left over, or maybe that was because I was so hungry after cleaning.

You can check out some of my favorite recipes on my Pinterest page.  


  1. Mmmm I want to make that recipe for the sauce! I am always looking for recipes that aren't too "girly" that my boyfriend will eat as well ;) haha!

    1. It's a good one. Thanks for commenting! I really enjoy your blog.


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