coral, navy, and Dooney and Bourke

Monday, June 17, 2013

When I really want to wear pajamas to work, I put on a long skirt or dress.  They are just as comfortable but work appropriate, at least at my job.  I was in want of some long dresses and skirts, which is tough because of my height, when I found this long navy skirt hiding in my closet.  It's a Ralph Lauren petite hand me down from my grandmother.  

I mean, this bag. !!!  I was pretty excited when the vintage Dooney and Bourke trend came around a few years ago because I'd been eyeing this one of my mom's for years, and I knew she would gladly let me use it.  

earrings - hand me down from "Mrs. B"
necklace - Moon and Lola
top - Forever 21
belt - hand me down from mom (lion is the mascot of both of our sororities)
class ring - hand me down from mom (we went to the same high school)
bag - hand me down from mom
skirt - hand me down from Granny

all photos by Lauren Winstead

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