avocado chicken salad and late night cookies

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I've had a great time cooking lately, but to be honest, B cooked the meal below.  

Before I left for Zumba fitness class, I helped him get set up a little bit, then I came home to this!  I sprayed a baking pan and placed on it four chicken thighs, seasoned only with salt, pepper, and some fresh thyme from my dad's friend.  I'm not sure how long or hot B baked them, but they turned out to be delicious!

I can only stand leftovers of certain things as is, but I enjoy turning leftovers into new dishes.  I had been curious about various avocado chicken salad pins I'd seen on Pinterest, so I set out to try it.  I shredded two leftover chicken thighs and mixed them with about half of a large avocado, mashed,  about a teaspoon of chopped cilantro, a generous dash of lime juice, and some salt and pepper.  I tasted and adjusted as needed.

I hate mayonnaise, so I have never chosen to eat chicken salad before, but this kind was irresistible!  I texted my mom to tell her that I was actually eating chicken salad, and she texted back, "you're grown up now."

I ate chicken salad sandwiches probably five times and did not get tired of it.  Maximizing those leftovers!

I took a page from mom's book and made some late night cookies last week.  This recipe for peanut butter cookies is simple and delicious.  

The only way my parents eat cookies: with a glass of milk.  [Hey E & C - we love your engagement party cups.]

How do you feel about chicken salad?  What's your favorite cookie recipe?


  1. that looks delish! 2 weeks ago I made oatmeal raisin cookies with some cocoa in 'em so they were chocolate oatmeal raisin, highly recommend!

  2. it looks so delicious


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