quick trip to Charlotte

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer days (off) becoming numbered + a desperate need to get out of town = a road trip to see my best friend.  It was refreshing to spend time with my best friend, her husband/my childhood friend, and their dog.  

I was only there for two days, but of course I brought food.  I can't be caught without a snack.  I don't remember this about my grandfather, but I have heard that he took a cooler of drinks with him wherever he went, including in his airplane.  The habit and (obviously) this cooler are hand me downs.  

Lindsay suggested that we make sushi, and when I got there, she already had all of the ingredients.  She blew my homemade sushi away with several more ingredients--asparagus, salmon, carrots--and a beautiful platter.

She even had pretty flowers on the table and around the house!  The more I think about it, the more I want to move in with them...

The next day, we walked Finn, tried a new restaurant, shopped around the neighborhood, took an eclair break, and went to a food truck festival.  I had written down two places that I wanted to see while I was in Charlotte, without knowing that both of them were right in their neighborhood!  

I had so much fun in Charlotte and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Lindsay and Tom.  

Charlotte is the perfect place for me to go to experience a different city that still feels close to home.  Thank you, best friends, for letting me come visit you!   


  1. Jealous!! Would love to see all of you when we are in town for Christmas....hoping to get down there sooner for a quick trip too!


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