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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I enjoyed the fair 22 years ago. I was a little more interested in the rides then than I am now.  For several years, mom dressed us in overalls and tucked a card into our front pockets with our address and phone number.  I also remember her saying that if we got lost, we should find a police officer or go to the Red Cross building.  I don't remember being excited about fair food then, but I have always liked to see the bunnies!

I enjoyed the fair 19 years ago.  I love the stickers!  Of course, there are more stickers during a Presidential election year, but I think more vendors used to give out stickers, too.  It seemed like there were more giveaways to enter back then.  Mom would bring a sheet of address labels so she didn't have to fill out a card each time.  Or was that at the Southern Women's Show?  I thought about bringing address labels with me this time, then forgot.  I wished I had when Allison entered a raffle to win a horse.  We could have bought 20 tickets and stuck on labels!

He still carries ducks around like that, by the way, except now they're dead.

I enjoyed the fair last week.  

North Carolina grows sweet potatoes year round.  They are both healthy and delicious!

I think the highest price I saw a beef cow sold for was $25,000.  I didn't get a good picture of that one.  

My favorite fair foods are Al's french fries--definitely a hand me down from my parents--and fried Reese's and Oreos.  This year, I came home after 3.5 hours at the fair and felt hungry.  I've never been thrilled by a ham biscuit or barbecue sandwich from the fair, but I'd like to find a good protein option.  And don't say to eat a turkey leg!  The corn looked and smelled tempting this year, too, so I will think about adding that to my list next year.

Do you go to the NC state fair?  Dixie Classic fair?  other fairs?
What are your favorite things to do at the fair?  Favorite foods?

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