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Monday, October 7, 2013

I failed to take photos of most of what I did this weekend, but it was still great.  B and I washed both of our cars, and my dad and I washed his airplane.   Then, we flew in his airplane, and I finally got to fly my uncle's airplane for the first time.  The wind was completely calm, and I flew like it was my tenth hour in the plane instead of my first.  Maybe my license is within reach after all.

On Sunday, I went to church and then spent some time in the kitchen.  Again, I failed at taking photos.  I had a long time friend over to eat and made one of my favorite recipes - Martha Stewart's lighter sesame chicken with rice and broccoli.  I got really into Martha Stewart's website a couple of years ago and found some no-fail recipes that I go to again and again.  I can see and hear her in my mind saying, "it's a good thing."  Anyone else grow up with a mother who watched Martha?

I also mixed up a (huge) batch of Pioneer Woman's restaurant salsa.  It doesn't go with sesame chicken at all, but it is SO good.  Between Martha and PW, I could almost live without Pinterest.  Almost.  Please come over if you want some salsa.  I'll be eating it with crock pot chicken taco chili.

We already had a couple of desserts around the house: a blueberry pie made by a friend who even picked the blueberries herself and lunch lady brownies that my mom made.  But I couldn't forget to make some tea!  One day I will post about my mom's tea.

HMD earrings from mom // HMD necklace from mom // HMD scarf from mom // HMD Brooks Brothers shirt // HMD bracelet from mom // Michael Kors small Layton watch // Joe's jeans // Sam Edelman Alvin flats // HMD Dooney & Bourke bag from B's mom


  1. Love your scarf and shoes!! Does it feel like fall by you? Certainly lacking the fall feeling here in NY!

    1. Thank you! We've had a cool day here or there, but mostly still hot. It's tough to dress for this time of year!

  2. Love this outfit! It's casual yet chic. Those leopard loafers are adorable!!


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