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Friday, January 3, 2014

I've been wearing this sweater for years, though its subtle elbow patches are currently on trend. 

I'd been eyeing this scallop oxford for months and was so excited to get it on sale after Thanksgiving. Going by the size chart, I ordered a small, and it fit me like a glove. Now that I've washed it, it fits me like a tight glove . . . but it still doesn't gape open like other oxfords. This is a quality made in USA shirt that I would recommend for petite women like myself.

I had to throw in the earrings--and a headband--with my order. Ever since a few summers ago when foxes overran my city, I've been into fox motifs.

Kiel James Patrick Ferress Fox Drift Knots earrings // Kiel James Patrick Pemberton Racquet scallop oxford // J. Crew sweater // hand me down belt from Mom // HMD Gucci bag from Mom (similar on eBay; I like this new one) // Joe's Jeans // Loeffler Randall flats


  1. Love your KJP earrings, I have 2 pairs of them! I'm in the market for a good pair of new jeans, Joe's Jeans look perfect!

  2. Him! I've just discovered your blog!
    I've immediately recognized the KJP stuffs! I love what he makes. I could buy everything from him haha this outfit fit you really good :)

    I'll definitely follow your blog

    XX Gaga from


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