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Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's the first day of Sweaterary. Let's begin.

Ralph Lauren hand me down sweater from Granny // J. Crew Leggy Denim (similar) // Hunter Original Tall Boots

photos by Stuart Jones Photography

Maybe I am showing my age here, but American Girl dolls were THE THING when I was a little girl. I had Kirsten, probably because she looked the most like me, with dirty blonde hair. Kirsten was Swedish and wore amazing outfits. I envied her braids. I did not have the official American Girl matching outfits to fit me--my mom made us matching outfits, scrunchies included, instead--but I'm pretty sure Kirsten would have worn this sweater. 

Anybody else have American Girl dolls? Or read ALL of the American Girl books? (This girl did.)

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  1. Love love your sweater! I had Samantha and my sister had Molly. They have "retired" the dolls we grew up with, so they're actually worth a good amount of money (go figure?!) Stay warm and fabulous!


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