herbs update

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My herbs are doing well, and I'm watering even more now that the temperatures are in the nineties. I harvested most of my parsley, a little basil (green and purple), and much of my oregano last weekend. The green basil has been doing better lately, but now bugs are eating up the purple basil. 

I've had a little help with my watering each day and harvesting each weekend. I got to see my uncle's garden last weekend while we were celebrating Mother's Day. I was so impressed with his potatoes, broccoli, tomato plants, and more. He said that I still have time to plant, so I'm hoping that I'll finally get around to that soon. 

I'm thinking carrots, cucumbers, okra, spinach, tomatoes, and rosemary are next. I would also love to plant some elephant garlic if I can find the lady at the farmer's market again this year. If even one of those makes it, I'll be thrilled!

Anyone need parsley or oregano?


  1. Lettuce is easy to grow and growing your own tomatoes makes them taste just that much better!

    1. We had some home grown lettuce in salad tonight from my dad's coworker. I will have to try lettuce in the future, too!


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