plain white and Dan

Friday, May 23, 2014

I've been feeling a little uninspired with my outfits lately. My work has been so busy that I don't feel like doing much else when I get home. Plus, having a dog has made me even lower maintenance than I was already. (I know, I'm taking a risk by wearing a white dress with a dog.)

I've been sticking to basics: a lot of black and white, simple jewelry, minimal make up, and topsiders. I meant to take some photos of my new topsiders before I broke them in, but they haven't left my feet for long. We definitely love our topsiders in my family. I've been wearing the same pair for the last ten or so years, which is still wearable, but I finally bought a new pair when I was in the King Street store in Charleston last month. 

After a long day, I decided to try out my grandfather's tripod and take some photos of myself. I didn't think I'd post them, but Dan made things interesting. He really does not leave me alone once I get home from work. And for the sake of being real, this is how I've been looking lately! #myrealselfie

HMD sweater from Granny // Lilly Pulitzer dress // Sperry Topsiders // Loren Hope Sophia studs

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  1. Love a good pair of Sperry's! I find that coming home to Lilly and having her greet me at the door is one of my favorite parts of the day


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