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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My dad's coworker has blessed me once again with produce from her awesome garden, and I have been eating kale for every meal. 

She sent my dad home with a grocery bag stuffed full of organic, homegrown kale. 

After several sessions of instruction from my dad, I filled a 5 gallon bucket about halfway with water, dumped the kale in, swished it around for a while, then pulled out each and every leaf, thoroughly inspecting it for bugs. I let it dry on paper towels and stored it in a sealed plastic container with more dry paper towels. My dad was very adamant that the kale was organic and would probably have dirt and bugs all over it, so I must wash it well. I found ONE bug; still, I recommend this method of washing kale. It has lasted well in the refrigerator. 

To use all of that kale, I though I might need to get creative, but it hasn't been difficult. I have kale salads for lunch every day. I made a one pot pasta dish (different than, but inspired by this one) with what I had on hand--whole wheat spaghetti, vegetable broth, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, kale, and basil. I seasoned it with crushed red pepper. 

I found out the hard way that you can only put so much kale in a smoothie before it tastes like you're drinking kale. It doesn't work like spinach.

So I tried kale in an omelet for breakfast. I wilted a handful of kale a bit, then I cracked two eggs in the pan and added salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper, plus a tablespoon or so of water. Thanks to my ninth grade foods and nutrition teacher for the omelet lessons. 

The green basil in my garden has taken off lately, so I picked a bunch and made a small batch of pesto. It was delicious on top of this omelet!

I will have to show Mrs. Wofford to see if she approves. Ninth grade was an eternity ago, but I learned useful skills! The skills that I've used, I haven't forgotten. 

Do you eat kale? Cooked or raw? How do you prepare it?

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