Father's Day gifts: khakis

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I bought my dad's Father's Day gift months ago, but it's obvious by now that I'm not so good at keeping on a blog schedule that looks forward. I live life and then post it on here later. 

About Father's Day: dads like khakis. 

I gave my dad a pair of Jack Donnelly khakis for Christmas, and he LOVES them. He was on a search--he had tried on pair after pair, unsatisfied, until I struck gold with the pleated Daltons (pleated no longer for sale). They look nice, are great quality, feel comfortable, and are made in the USA! 

In case you haven't heard, Duck Head is back! They are beginning to sell clothes again, including khakis made nearby in Greensboro. My dad used to stock up on Duck Head shorts especially, but they've all worn out. I am looking forward to getting him a new pair; if they stick to their old fit, they'll be another solid made in USA option. 

That's all the suggestions I've got for now. What are y'all giving your dads???

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  1. That is a great gift idea! And that's exciting about Duck Head! I used to be such a fan of their clothes!


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