cooking with herbs

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My basil, parsley, and oregano have taken off lately. As there's more to harvest, I'm trying to use my herbs more in every day cooking. 

One of the pasta alternatives I've tried since eating low carb: zucchini noodles. These "zoodles" are topped with meat sauce made with my basil and oregano, pine nuts, and parmesan. 

I used both green and purple basil to make pesto. 

Topping scrambled eggs with pesto really takes them to the next level!

The day before my parents' anniversary, I made them a supper of caprese salad, green salad, spaghetti squash with meat sauce, and paleo doughnuts. It was both low carb and tasty. I tried to make my dad proud by eating a slice of tomato. (I know, I am not a true southerner.)

I'm really enjoying my herb garden this summer. What should I use them for next?


  1. Another great summer treat is take the basil and make a simple syrup (heat it with equal parts water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved) and add it to lemonade. Also, my co worker suggested making pesto and putting it in the ice cube tray to freeze (or just the basil in a little water) so you can have basil any time!

    1. Thank you for those suggestions, JR! Next time I have too much pesto, I will do that. Would be great in the winter!


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