four months with Dan

Monday, August 25, 2014

Once upon a time, Dan came to live with me as a foster dog. He was underweight and sick and going through treatments. He was also recovering from being neutered. His coat was light brown. 

Dan followed me everywhere I went, and we became best buds. He learned to stay in his invisible fence. After another round of treatments, I finally got to adopt Dan. He still had to be inactive for another month. 

Dan loved attention and often jumped on people, counters, doors, etc. He got plenty of Busy Buddys full of peanut butter to keep him occupied while he wasn't allowed to run, which also helped him put on weight. He ate everything everywhere, including on the counters. He shed his light brown coat and turned a darker brown, but his fur was still soft, so Mom continued to pet him. 

Dan began a home manners class and leash walking class. When the vet said his inactive time was over, he and I started going on walks every day. She also told me that I needed to feed him more, and he started gaining more weight. Dan's behavior improved when he had exercise. He learned to "heel" and only to pee on everything when I give him the "release" command. Amazing! Dan sits and waits for his food now. He sits and waits to go through doorways. He even sits and waits to get in the car, and he LOVES to get in the car. He can lay down and "leave it" on the ground. Dan is eager to please. 

My grandmother says that Dan looks like he is somebody now. 

He still steals cucumbers. The other night, he gently carried a possum to me on the front porch. It gave me hope for a future of hunting. 

Dan graduated from his home manners class this weekend. I only signed him up for the first set of classes because I honestly couldn't imagine him even getting to where he is now. He has learned and improved so much! 

I am so pleased with Dan's behavior and so happy that he is healthy. Look at him watching his person even while I'm not paying him attention. 

My dog is awesome. 

I am thankful for my family helping me out tremendously with him. Having Dan has taught me about commitment, (letting go of) control, and accepting help. He is a handful, but he is a sweet, soft, lovable handful. 

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