thankful Thursday: a visit

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I feel like I'm finally getting in a rhythm with this long distance engagement. Last weekend, I had the chance to go visit Zack for the first time in his (soon to be our) new city. Another first -- I took my first solo flight. I mean I piloted an airplane without passengers for the first time long ago, but last weekend was my first time taking a commercial flight without traveling companions. The crazy thing is that made me more nervous than flying an airplane by myself . . . 

It was so nice to spend time together planning for our future and seeing each other face to face. I may actually have some answers now for all of you who ask what it's like where I'm moving. 

After so much excitement leading up to our visit, I didn't take one single picture of us together all weekend. I did deliver many important documents to Zack from home, including this drawing. One  of my students always asks about Zack and one day pulled out of his folder a drawing he'd done of "Miss Kathryn's boyfriend" and wanted me to give it to him. Weeks later, I finally got it to him, and I had Zack send me photo proof. 

Just six months after our first date, I was heading down to research places to live with my husband to be. Wild. If there's a lesson others can take from our story, it's that your life can change so quickly. Enjoy the season you're in, and live it to the fullest. I didn't do that perfectly as a single woman, but I'm so glad that I drew boundaries and made room for my husband even though I had no idea who he'd be or if he even existed. He is the sweetest person on earth, and he deserves the best of me. 

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