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Monday, May 18, 2015

Zack and I made a little hop to LHZ for gas a couple of days after he came home. We visited with his/dad's mechanic friends and just relaxed for a bit. 

One of my favorite things about flying is that it takes my mind off of everything else. Flying an airplane uses up about 99% of my concentration, so I can't think about the wedding/moving/work etc. one bit. I used to love it because it took my mind off of boys. Then I fell in love with my flight instructor. Ha! 

Dad did some instrument practice at CTZ and EYF. We were going to have lunch in Elizabethtown, but the car was gone. 

That time I realized I'm marrying my dad . . . 

I outfitted him in Randolph Engineering sunglasses and Collared Greens croakies and shirt

We went to LBT for lunch instead and got a tour of my dad's old stomping grounds. 

Remember that time I wore chino shorts every day? That time is also now. 

Usually with my dad and Zack, I have to sit in the back, but this time they let me fly! 

He even let me use his fancy headset! That one little leg wore me out. These guys are so much better at flying than I am. 

I had a great time escaping it all and getting up in the air! I'm hoping we have more time to do this after the wedding! 

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