hand me down honeymoon part three: patriotic date night

Friday, August 7, 2015

Since our wedding was a week before July 4, we wore quite a bit of red, white, and blue on our honeymoon. I always love wearing patriotic outfits all week before Independence Day. Zack was a good sport and joined me.

This particular day, we had been snorkeling. I was reading on the porch when Zack came out all cleaned up and asked me out on a date. This was only like our third date, so I was pretty excited. Most of our relationship has involved spending time together with our families and living in different states, so it almost feels like we are just starting to date each other.

We took the boat out to eat dinner then sat on the water and watched the sunset. 

K: Just Madras skipper dress (here too) // Jack Rogers sandals
Z: Polo Ralph Lauren shirt // Chubbies shorts

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