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Monday, October 19, 2015

Zack had heard about Lazy 5 Ranch but had never made it there, and I enjoyed visiting the ranch a few years ago with friends. He was excited to find a similar place near us. We visited the Yellow River Game Ranch on a recent weekend. There are all different kinds of snacks there that you can buy to feed the animals; we chose an apple and peanuts. 

My backpack is this one from Tradlands, made by Archival Clothing. I carry it just about every day, whether it's holding only my wallet, phone, and keys, or my camera, or clothes for barre. 

Maybe one day we can have our own goats!  

Check out this deer's tongue. 

The donkeys gave us a good show when begging for food. 

The foxes and coyote were some of my favorites to see, though the hardest to photograph. 

It was neat to see so many different animals in one place. It's not quite as up close and personal as riding on a wagon inside the fence with the animals (like at Lazy 5), but we could take our time and give the animals different types of food. I would recommend visiting Yellow River Game Ranch, especially with young children. 

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