thankful Thursday: my LuLaRoe business

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I usually look "hard" for my LuLaRoe photos, but once in a while, you can see a smile creep up in those moments when I realize that playing dress up is my JOB. I am so thankful for 
the opportunity to own a business. Not everyone can start something like this. My family and friends have been incredibly supportive by shopping with me, assisting me with all kinds of tasks, and offering words of encouragement. 

I never, ever thought I would be working from home. I have a master's degree, and I had a great career in that field before I moved to Georgia. My life has taken a different path, and I am so thankful that I discovered LuLaRoe and considered starting my own mobile boutique. 

Working whenever I want to, wherever I want to is perfect for our crazy life. I can go and do anywhere, anytime with my husband. I can book pop-ups and do online sales when Zack is at work; I can visit family in North Carolina while doing pop-ups for people there; I can take off two weeks to travel with Zack if I'd like to. Not only is my schedule 100% flexible, but when I do work, I LOVE what I do! 

I was absolutely a LuLaRoe addict before I became a consultant. These clothes are amazing! I looked professional and felt comfortable in my Irma tunics and maxi skirts, and I could easily play on the floor with my students. Now, I wear maxi skirts, Amelia dresses, and Cassie skirts to church, Cassies and Julias on dates, Cassies and classics, Julias, or leggings and Irmas for running errands. Can you tell that my favorite is the Cassie skirt?! I discovered LuLaRoe at the perfect time in my career and personal life. I had been dressing up way more than my coworkers, but I still had a desire to look professional and needed to be a bit more comfortable. I felt like the play clothes in my closet were starting to look kind of young for me, and I was about to make the transition from single twenty-something to stay at home wife pushing thirty (who knew?! not me). 

Now, I get to meet new people in my (still kind of) new city and share awesome clothes with them. I get to style outfits for people!!! I get to reconnect with acquaintances online and in person and help them find clothes they love. I am so thankful for this opportunity! 

Now, for the photos. This is a sampling of what I post every day--these particular photos show how I have integrated my Hand Me Down Style with LuLaRoe items. Of course, I have my own unique spin on styling LLR! 

I get this from my mom! We have so much fun together when I do pop-ups in North Carolina and she gets to tag along. I wish I had her helping me all the time!! 

Follow along with my daily styling posts on Instagram @lularoe.kathrynschmidt and on Facebook via my page LuLaRoe Kathryn Schmidt and my shopping group (where I usually post a little more in-depth about each day's outfit and also post items like these for sale during flash shopping opportunities once-twice per month). 

Contact me to have my mobile boutique come to your house!

I continue to post all kinds of snaps of my life on my personal Instagram @kathrynschmidt

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