Monday, November 10, 2014

My grandmother, Granny, passed away recently. My earliest memories of her include reading me Yertle the Turtle and making me pancakes when I spent the night at her house. I also remember my mom driving us to the mall (#mychildhood), and Granny would always say, "Kathryn's being so quiet back there. I think she fell asleep," just trying to get me to say something. 

Living right next to my high school, Granny could tell my mom when I was late to school, but she was also happy to write me an excuse and to let me and all of my friends come over for off campus lunch. She had classic style, and it was common for me to compliment something she wore, only for her to take it off and give it to me. I'm wearing one of her sweaters as I write this, and I even spent a whole month in her sweaters last year. She left me quite a stylish inheritance that I hope to continue to share on the blog. 

I am so thankful for the legacy of each of my grandparents. I've been fortunate to have all four of them for most of my life--until two years ago--and I still have my dad's parents. 

When my grandfather passed away, I began to understand why we took food to people when they lost a family member. With visitation and funeral to attend, obituary to write, et cetera, it's nice to not have to plan a meal. I woke up on the morning of my grandmother's funeral and thought to myself, I can have literally anything I want for breakfast today. What a show of love and care from friends of my family. 

I've been slowly making my way through Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot, reading an article each morning. On the morning of my grandmother's funeral, I read an article about church troubles. She writes, "How shall the world recognize His love unless we act in love toward one another?" I saw the love of the church for my family as they cared for us before, on, and after that day. 

I hold dear each precious friend who brought us food, sent us cards, attended the visitation and funeral, emailed, and texted me memories of my grandmother. At the time, I didn't always acknowledge each act of kindness, but I do appreciate them. I hope that I will love and support my friends as well in their times of need. Certainly my parents have set that example for me over the years. 

pumpkin week

Friday, October 31, 2014

This week entailed a lot of pumpkins and fall pretties in general. After a rough day on Monday, Zack made it all better with lots of surprises, including picking out pumpkins. We took our parents a few tiny pumpkins and chose two similar larger pumpkins to carve with our friends. 

We learned a bit about carving pumpkins with children. A child may spend 90% of the time meticulously cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin and 10% drawing a face for you to carve. He may spend 99% of the time drawing tiny black marker lines all over the pumpkin then 1% of the time asking you to cut out a beard (where even is the face?). Each child has his own personality, and they are never boring. How much richer of an experience than just carving my own *perfect* pumpkin at home! I love that my small group includes children. 

Oh yes, these flowers! Hydrangeas are not in season this time of year, but I suppose any flower can be bought for a price, and they are my favorite. I am spoiled, and they made my Monday afternoon so much better. 

Sometime in the last few weeks, Zack found this paleo pumpkin pie recipe and brought over the ingredients for us to make together. I finally got around to making it on Wednesday. It was fairly simple and a decent substitute for the real thing. (Check out the pumpkin muffins that I made last year here.)

I whipped up some cream and sweetened it with honey to make a paleo topping for our paleo pie. My pup sure enjoyed licking the whisk. 

What pumpkin treats have you made this year? How are you celebrating fall? 

Katherine and Nathaniel's wedding

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I was honored to be included in Katherine and Nathaniel's wedding on October 11. I have known Katherine and Caroline since elementary school when her family moved here. We could certainly call our friendship hand me down. 

This wedding was my third this fall (parts 1 and 2; shower here), and the whole weekend was so enjoyable.  

Katherine and her family are talented in the kitchen, and her mom treated us girls to a lovely brunch. I need this quiche recipe; it was the best I've ever had. 

We had a sweet time over brunch and gifts. I am looking forward to using my new tea kettle, and I've already tried the delicious pumpkin tea Katherine gave me at her shower. 

She's a beautiful bride, even with her tacky bouquet! I have had to explain this tradition several times lately, so I'll spell it out here. At a bridal shower (or more than one), someone collects the ribbons and bows from the presents to turn them into a bouquet. A bridesmaid, friend, mother's friend, etc. holds onto the bows for the rehearsal. Typically, we put them on a paper plate base, and we tape, staple, or punch holes and tie to attach the ribbons to the plate then make some kind of handle on the back. The bouquet goes to the rehearsal, where the bride uses it as a stand in for her wedding bouquet. 

I was expecting a reunion of old church friends, but instead, this wedding was a bit of a college reunion. Katherine and I lived together our sophomore year in college, and we were in a Bible study with other girls in our dorm. Two of the ladies above led our Bible study that year and the next. 

I enjoyed seeing Lacy, who braved Asia (1,2,3) with me over a year ago. 

My dress is Ann Taylor, pearls were a gift from my parents, and shoes are Nina, from Lindsay's wedding. 

I got to bring this handsome man as my date. 

fall 2014 wedding season part two

Thursday, October 23, 2014

This fall has been busy with three weddings (part one) and countless parties (including this) to attend. That's part of the reason for my blog slow down, but then again, weddings can make for some good blog material. 

Z was a groomsman in this wedding, on October 4. My dress is the BCBG Abee gown, belt is hand me down from Mom, and the bracelet was a gift from Lindsay for wear in her wedding. Z looked sharp in his custom suit, and he was so excited about the airplane propeller cufflinks he received as a gift (similar here). 

Z's mom caught this picture of him at the perfect moment. 

We had a great time at the wedding, and I was so honored to be Z's date! 

October sales

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I've noticed a bunch of sales popping up lately, at some of my local favorites and USA made brands. I usually wait until Black Friday for (mostly online) Christmas shopping, but I've already started now. Here's a quick list to get you started -- let me know if there are others I should add.

Charlotte's yearly 25% off sale is going on until Sunday, October 26.

Moon and Lola has 15% off sitewide until Sunday with code HAPPY15. Now is the time to order personalized pieces for Christmas.

Furbish has 30% off all sale items with code SALE30.

Collared Greens has 30% off sale items with code FTT.

Zinke swimwear has 50% off the entire site for 24 hours with code ZINKEFRIENDS.

Merry Stockings has an extra 10% off already reduced prices with code CLEARANCE. I just discovered these personalized, made in USA stockings, in plenty of time to order for Christmas.


Devon Baer has 10% off this weekend with code TAKE10

K.slademade has 20% off sitewide until October 26 with code KSMSWEETTREAT

fall garden transition

Friday, October 17, 2014

A few weeks ago, I transitioned my garden for fall weather. 

I pulled up my Hillbilly tomato vine (that never produced fruit) and cucumber vines. After a few weeks of high yield in August, the cucumbers dwindled. 

I pulled weeds, tilled the soil, and made rows for seeds. 

The snow peas are already sprouting, and spinach should be next. 

I kept okra and Better Boy tomatoes at least for a few more weeks, rosemary, and thyme.

What should I plant next for the winter months? 

Southern Frock wrap dress

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I found this dress when I visited Southern Frock's flagship store in Beaufort in July, and I love how it fits. My mom was a big fan of DVF dresses when she was my age; as beautiful as DVF prints are, those dresses aren't made for my body type or budget. I will stick with the local brand, and I will definitely buy more of these Southern Frock dresses when new prints come out! 

I have been using my new GiGi clutch from Charlotte's and loving it! It's the perfect pouch to take with me out to dinner and on the weekend. It was absolutely the right choice for spending my winnings

I'm so thankful that I got to pick up this boy at the airport on Saturday and that he is willing to take my picture. He is the sweetest! 

Southern Frock dress // HMD earrings and necklace from Mom // GiGi New York All in One Bag // Lilly Pulitzer bangles - gift from Elise // Cole Haan pumps, purchased at Revolver
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