packing for summer trips

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's time for summer beach and lake trips as Memorial Day is approaching this weekend.  To get started, I would pack:
bathing suits!   I love bathing suits.  Time for Lilly suits and white suits if you're not too pale.
comfortable dresses to wear as cover ups or out and about.
tinted moisturizer with sunscreen.  No need for full make up, but sunscreen is important.  My favorite is this Mary Kay tinted moisturizer SPF 20.
a monogrammed beach towel.  No one can steal your towel if it has your name on it.
running shorts, tank tops, etc. for working out. Running on the flat land at the beach is a nice break from the hills around my house!
books.  This is how I relax.
my Bible and notebook.  Vacation means more time to pray and study the Bible.  Get away from the stress and meditate on God's word.

What are your summer trip essentials?

On another note, I got together with Lauren Winstead this week to shoot some outfits.  They will be coming to the blog soon!

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