black and white and bright

Friday, June 28, 2013

I have seen a lot of black and white popping up lately.  I wouldn't really name it as a trend this year in particular, but it's a classic pairing any season, any year.  One of my favorite closet staples is a white blouse, and I love finding new ones.

earrings - Jenni K (in Greenville)
scarf - hand me down from mom
top - Forever 21 essential eyelet
bracelets - Handpicked, hand me down from mom
watch - Michael Kors
pants - J. Crew cafe capri
shoes - Pappagallo hand me down from mom

all photos by Lauren Winstead


  1. That scarf is gorgeous and I absolutely love how you've styled it here!! Oh - you asked about my wedges in one of my posts and they're the Coach Leala! If you type it in on Ebay, they have a ton available. I don't think they still sell them in stores cause I got them last summer :)

  2. Love the white top! Especially with the scarf. ADorable!


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