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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

As you may have seen over the past two weeks (1, 2), I was raised to travel.  My parents and grandparents have been on the move their whole lives.  I have even heard that my great grandfather went to the same country I recently visited to teach people how to grow tobacco during the 1920s.  

I got some photos and applied for a visa a while ago.  After almost a year of planning in some ways, I was glad to finally receive my visa and feel like it was really going to happen.  

My friends' apartment had a fabulous view of the city.  

I enjoyed almost all of the food that I tried.  Below is something similar to a doughnut.  My favorite!

It's hard to top doughnuts, but I nearly cried tears of joy when this friend asked to take a picture with me ... and posed with a peace sign.  I was hoping it was true, and oh man, was it true, that people often put up the peace sign for pictures.  Day made.  

Asia is just like here, except not at all.  Below is a box of turtles for sale at a convenience store.  They were alive but not exactly pet turtles.  

We saw people sleeping just about anywhere, especially during rest time, which takes place after lunch.  People also ride "E bikes" and balance several people on them, so why not combine the two and take a nap on the scooter?  

Have you ever traveled to Asia?  What did you think?!

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  1. Looks incredible! China is definitely on my list :-)



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