Monday, August 19, 2013

Last week, I packed up my car and went camping at the beach.  I borrowed a fire pit, tent, tarp, lantern, beach chair, and oh yes, a beach house, for a few days.  I roped one of my off-all-summer friends into going with me, even though she hadn't been camping since she was a child.  I hadn't been camping since almost four years ago, when I headed to the mountains on fall break with several very experienced campers.  I was ready for a manageable adventure again.  

My car was packed so full that I felt like I was moving.  


After setting up the tent and building a fire, we took a short walk to the campground's pier on the sound.  

We watched a beautiful sunset and talked for hours.  We had the pier all to ourselves, except for one man and his dog, pulling up their crab pots.

We enjoyed hot dogs and s'mores cooked over our fire.  Then we slept in 100 degree, 98% humid summer air and were woken up by a nonstop rooster crowing, but that was all character building.  I think my grandparents may be onto something with their RV.  

The next day, we crashed my awesome friends' house.  We slept much better while it stormed outside the next two nights!  

Have you been camping?  Any must-sees, must-haves, or tips?

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