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Friday, August 2, 2013

Having time off of work means more time for just about everything.  I've been spending a lot of my time cooking, baking, and eating.  I exercise, too, but somehow it isn't quite enough to offset all the eating . . . 

I love mornings praying and reading my Bible while eating breakfast and drinking iced coffee.  I keep the same morning routine as when I work, I just do it all slower in the summer.  I challenged myself to journal every day in July, and would you know I wrote something every day except July 30 and 31.  The Lord heard my prayers those 29 days and every single time I heard from Him and became more disciplined.  Romans 12:2 is made new to me.  

This time I made some cold brew coffee with beans from Jubala.  

I just really like waffles.  When I moved in to a completely furnished house for a semester in school, I had to bring my waffle iron.  I had gotten it for my birthday.

I typically use Martha Stewart's pancake recipe for waffles, but with extra time and curiosity, I tried this recipe.  The batter was very thin, and it didn't rise, so the top of the waffles didn't make contact with the top plate and didn't brown.  I'm not sure if the cause was my mistreating of the yeast or my waffle iron.  Still good, though!

I was fortunate enough to get invited to a special Christmas in July party that my parents' friends host every year.  They went all out with decorations and food and even gave us gifts!  I was glad to have a reason to make pumpkin pie -- to take to the party.  Here is the crust recipe and pie recipe I used.  Pins here and here.  

These salted fudge brownies (recipe) are the best I've made; there's just not much excuse for using a brownie mix when you could make these instead.  Pin here.

I got the chance to volunteer yesterday with a local ministry that I have wanted to get involved with for a long time.  I enjoyed meeting and playing with the children that came in, and it gave me yet another reason to keep working on my Spanish.  Speaking partners wanted!

What is special about your summer?  Baking anything lately?  Spending time with God?  Serving?  Traveling?  I know I took a big trip to Asia, but since then, I haven't gone anywhere, and I'm going a little crazy.  Traveling partners definitely wanted, too!

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  1. Catching up on reading, lots of beach, and surfing! Traveling is so amazing, count me in to travel with you!

    1. Looks like I'd want to travel right where you live!


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