farmers market this week

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

After my morning workout yesterday, I decided to head on over to the farmers market.  We were completely out of fresh fruits and vegetables, and I was craving more peaches.  What better to do when you're out and about in the morning and soaking up the last days of summer?!

North Carolina is not exactly known for our apples, and summer isn't what I think of as apple season, but I was really, really hoping that I would find apples.  I don't recall ever buying them at the farmers market before.  I was thrilled to find a farmer selling TWO types of apples, WITH SAMPLES.  I definitely ate one on the drive home.  Then I ate a peach after I got my haul inside.

Note: After reading this post, my dad informed me that NC is a big apple producer. During a winter time trip to the farmers market, I found many more varieties of apples. My new favorite variety is Cameo.

For lunch, I cooked a squash and the bell pepper with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and a grated bulb of elephant garlic.  It was delicious with whole wheat spaghetti and some leftover tomato basil sauce (not pictured).  Even my food is hand me down.  

How do you make healthy eating enjoyable?  What is your latest farmers market thrill?


  1. Okra! Reid is obsessed with okra and I was so happy I found some at the Union Square farmers market the other day. He pan fried it with cornmeal, salt and pepper and it was amazing!

    1. Sounds great! I love fried okra, too. I take it for granted here.


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