Homecoming 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

This weekend is homecoming, so yesterday I headed back "home" for a quick stop with my pal Aubree.  First, we caught up with some of our sorority sisters at the house.  It was great to see everyone I know and to meet the younger girls in my "family"!

We could not believe how spacious our old room seems now that only three people live in it!  The house looked great, and I enjoyed seeing how the girls have their rooms decorated.  It was such a unique experience to live in a sorority house, and I'm so glad I did it!  I would absolutely recommend living in-house. There's a limited time when you can live with forty other girls in a multimillion dollar house with a chef downstairs for less money than anywhere else in your college town.  Most importantly, living in-house was a character building experience that taught me about living with people who have many different backgrounds and personalities.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Classic // Moon & Lola acrylic Stanford monogram stud earrings // HMD Ralph Lauren sweater from Mom // Polo Ralph Lauren shirt // Essie Bahama Mama // Joe's jeans // Frye pull on Billy boot

We strolled around town and took it all in.  It was nice to relive our college days a little bit, and I am so thankful for the precious time I lived there and the lasting friendships I have gained in my sorority sisters.  


  1. Love your outfit and it's definitely fun to go back and reminisce !

  2. I'm famous!! Only kidding - it was wonderful to see you!!

  3. Yeah, I know, blue heaven. Too bad you couldn't get your undergrad degree from ECU too. Then you could be even smarter, like me.


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