New York weekend

Friday, November 1, 2013

My mom introduced me to New York City many years ago when she and her friends let daughters in on their annual girls' trip.  I saw most of the big sights those first couple of trips with her, so now I just want to walk, eat, and see the everyday sights when I visit.  

On Friday, Wesley and I walked around the city, hitting a few highlights.  We saw the World Trade Center tower at the memorial, we watched people ice skate at Rockefeller Center, and we walked by Central Park to Second Time Around, which I read about on Unabashedly Prep.

We stayed with my cousin at her apartment in Brooklyn.  It feels much more like a neighborhood than Manhattan, and it's only a quick subway ride away.  Also, this is her view.

The last time Wesley and I visited Maggie, one of us insisted on getting brunch.  I pored over Maggie's Zagat book and chose Penelope.  We loved it and had to go back this time!  The wait was bearable, especially with coffee.

Maggie's boy, Dave, is a talented photographer, so I handed my camera over to him for a bit.

I ate "punkin waffles," the same thing I ordered last time.  I highly recommend them.  (And if you can't make it to NYC, come over and I'll make you some ;)  The fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee were delicious, too!

Wesley wanted to see Washington Square Park.  Maggie gave us a detailed history of the park, which we then realized she totally made up.

Sunday morning, Wesley and I made it to Redeemer Church.  John Lin preached about knowing God from Romans 2:12-29.

After church, we met up with Maggie and Dave for brunch at egg.  We walked around, taking in Brooklyn, while waiting for a table.

We strolled through the Brooklyn flea market.  Of course, it was my hand me down heart's dream.  However, I took the tiniest suitcase that ever traveled and had limited room for purchases.

Before jetting off, Wesley and I stopped by The Blue Stove one last time for Dave's recommendation, warm pie.  He had apple pie, and I had pear ginger pie.  

It was a great weekend.  I've enjoyed visiting New York for a few days every now and then, but I am always ready to come home!  I love my family, oak trees, and driving on country roads.  

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