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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My sister in law and I started a tradition last year.  We host a cookie exchange in early December, and we ask that each person makes a different recipe each year.  At the party, we give prizes for the best tasting cookie, prettiest cookie, and best all around cookie (most votes in both categories combined).  I found this recipe for citrus cookies from Martha Stewart, and I hoped they would be a contender for prettiest cookie.  

I baked my cookies on Saturday morning, so I had to pause to make waffles and bacon.  I mixed in cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.  Is anyone going to Vermont soon?  I used up the Vermont maple syrup that my parents brought back for me from their trip this summer.

Back to the cookies.

I made half of the dough lemon flavored and the other half orange flavored.  Always read the comments on recipes!  That's where I got the idea to do half and half; I had oranges on hand and had purchased yellow and orange sprinkles, so all I needed was a lemon.  Fortunately, mom texted me while she was at Target, and she brought me a lemon.  

My dad is a fantastic problem solver.  When I realized I was already halfway through the process and hadn't found a thread spool like I needed, I asked him what I should use instead.  He suggested an apple corer/slicer.  It made nice marks on my cookies, but the indentations weren't quite wide enough to hold sprinkles.

The thread spool my mom found worked better with the sprinkles.

I didn't get any votes for best tasting or prettiest, but I would still try this recipe again.  Both types had nice flavor and with a little more practice, I think I could make them pretty.

What's your favorite cookie recipe?

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  1. I am still SO sad I missed this tradition! I will be there next year :) Hope it was a great time!


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