FIVE on Friday

Friday, January 24, 2014

I had a fabulous weekend with my friend Jessica, who visited from out of town last weekend. For this five on Friday, here are a few places we went and loved:

not one of my five, but walking around the Capitol is a must for me

ONE | Sushi Blues. One of my favorite sushi restaurants in town, it was the perfect place for us to enjoy sushi, catch up, and watch basketball.

TWO | Los Tres Vaqueros. I don't care what anyone says, this is my favorite Mexican place. Of course we had certain ones in college we frequented, but I always missed the food at Los Tres.

THREE | Lilly's pizza. The pizza was delicious, and we managed to get a table, thanks to nice ladies who shared with us. My favorite at Lilly's is the Hawaiian Punch, with pineapple, ham, mandarin oranges, cinnamon, and ricotta cheese.

FOUR | Foundation. I had read about this place and how you have to know where you are going to find it. It's true. The staff was friendly and helpful, and a portion of their menu came from a 1939 recipe book, right up my alley. I chose the South Side and was very pleased!

FIVE | Beasley's. I'd been putting this one off for a while, thinking there was no way it'd live up to the Southern Living hype. It was good!!! I prefer collards with vinegar and pepper rather than bechamel (I'm not that fancy), but I recommend the fried chicken and the Ashe County macaroni and cheese.

It looks like we attempted to eat our way through Raleigh last weekend. Thank you, Jessica and Allison, for going on these adventures with me!

What are your favorite places to eat in your hometown? Where would you take a friend who's visiting from out of town?

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  1. We need to all get dessert one night at Hayes Barton at 5 points!

  2. {Visiting from the link up} The food all looks scrumptious!! Have a fab weekend!

  3. Looks delicious! I might need to try some of those places!


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