A Toast to the Veterans: Red, White, and Sweet

Monday, May 26, 2014

What's that you say….two posts in one day? Kathryn has so graciously allowed me (Lindsay) to guest post on her blog tonight. 

Tom and I had the pleasure of being invited to Lake Gaston this past weekend by some particularly lovely family friends. This would be our-let's call it-2nd Annual trip up to the Lake for Memorial Day weekend. How could we resist? Especially when the weekend included a concert at Rosemont Vineyard & Winery Saturday night.

Good food, good friends, good fun. What's not to love? We tasted several Red, White, and Sweet varieties of vino and indulged in some good ol' Southern cuisine while listening to the Virginia Beach based Kevin MaC Band. What's a picnic without chicken salad, pimento cheese and crackers, and get this--loaded baked potato salad!? 

Just to the left of this adorable house with the awesome balcony was a little pond and some neat looking barns. Look closely and you may notice the canoe and four wheeler. Looks like tons of fun!

Here's by far the coolest looking of many of the surrounding barns.

Tom and I snuck away to explore the vineyard. Here's a shot with our favorite wine of the evening, The Traminette 2013--"A crisp, dry white wine with linalool and a touch of spiciness and citrus undertones."

From Ring of Fire, Wagon Wheel, I'll Fly Away, and even Chicken Fried (per request of my friend's adorable first grade cousin) to songs like Rambling Man and Take it to the Limit we surely enjoyed the band. I especially enjoyed their addition to the Eagles song, Take it to the Limit. Hum the song in your head and then sing this: "To the man in the blue shirt and the woman in the orange pants, we sang another verse so you could dance." Clever!

As Kevin MaC reminded us…this isn't just a national barbecue eating holiday--but a time to show our appreciation to all of the men and women in the armed services. Happy Memorial Day to all!


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