expanding my garden

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

After seeing my uncle's garden on Mother's Day, I was finally motivated to expand my garden. 

I mean, is this even a garden or is it a farm?

First, we had to clear out these bushes so that I could plant and allow my plants to get sun. Big thanks to my brother and my dad for getting these out! (I helped minimally.) I learned some lessons about roots as part of this endeavor. 

I started simply with a rosemary bush and more thyme. 

I planted bell peppers, 


two varieties of tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, carrots, and daisies. 

My herb container is still growing. Bugs are eating my purple basil, and the taller herbs are hiding the thyme from the sun. 

We have geraniums,


and now even more hydrangeas. 

I look forward to summer days watering and hopefully harvesting my garden with my helper!

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