weekend fly in May 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

My uncle, grandfather, and dad hosted another fly in at our home airport this weekend. Several airplanes flew in, and people came from all around to enjoy aviation and great food. They cooked barbecue chicken, boiled potatoes, and corn. We all brought desserts -- my mom made chocolate pound cake and chocolate chess pies, and I made banana pudding again. 

This Piper Legend Cub is a light sport aircraft. 

I took my first formal lessons in the Cessna 152 above. It was tiny and hot and a nice introduction to flying (without my dad). 

This 1931 Buick drove in and the Stearman flew in to join us Saturday. It is rare to see a car and an airplane from the same era side by side. 

As always, I enjoyed the fly in!

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