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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's been a haircut week for my family. I cut my dad and brother's hair on Sunday, and yesterday I got mine cut. 

I'd been thinking about this for a while. I'm not sure why I grew it so long in the first place, but I loved it more and more until I didn't. I was ready for a change, and I felt like I should make the growth process worthwhile and donate my hair. I've been getting my mom to measure my ponytails and braids for a week, and I looked up information online. I decided to give to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and ended up losing about nine inches. 

Suddenly I understand why people who have long hair get attached. It is a bit of a security blanket and made me feel feminine. You can do anything with long hair, but I'd tried every braid in the book. 

I started getting nervous the night before and felt more and more worked up until I saw Holly, my stylist. Once I was with her, my feelings turned into excitement. She has done the hair of many of my friends, and several of them have short hair. As she reminded me today, my hair wasn't much longer than it is now when I started seeing her a couple of years ago. 

So there. It will grow back in a couple of years. 

Also, welcome back to summer on my blog. Shorts and t shirts and barely any make up. I am in talks with a new photographer, so maybe I will step it up for some outfit posts soon :)

P.S. If you don't like dogs, you may want to go ahead and quit reading my blog. 

Happy summer, y'all. 

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  1. Love your summer cut, great idea to donate! Hope you're doing well!


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