teeny tiny tomato and curlicue

Friday, June 13, 2014

I discovered that one teeny tiny tomato is growing on my Better Boy plant. I had to snap a picture before it gets eaten by the deer! This year, I have very low expectations for my first real experiment gardening, so I am easily pleased. 

Today is supposed to be my first day off of work for the summer. I'm heading in anyway because I'm not quite done with my work, but I'm SO looking forward to tending my garden this summer. 

I've enjoyed getting home from work each day and looking after my dog and my plants, and I absolutely cannot wait until I can have longer, slower mornings doing just that. After the heavy rain the last two days, last night was the perfect time to pull some weeds. There is much to be done even in my small garden, but I only pulled a few weeds, and the rest will have to wait. 

That's just a bit of what's on my long list of things I want to do this summer. I already know I'm going to have to prioritize. I should learn the lesson that I can't do as much as I think I can in as little time as I think I can do it by the fact that I'm still working!

My cucumber plants are sprouting pretty curlicues, too. The day I eat a cucumber that I grew, I'll be a happy, happy girl. 

Any suggestions for keeping the deer away? Dan chases them, but he's not outside all the time. 

What about must-do's for summer? 

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