Britt's doughnuts

Saturday, July 12, 2014

As much as I love doughnuts, I had heard about but never visited Britt's until this week. Between Lake Waccamaw and Topsail, Lindsay and I stayed with my friend Lauren for a day. Lauren indulged me and led us to Britt's first thing Monday morning. The doughnuts were well worth the sugar!

I had heard about the lines, but we only waited for about ten minutes for our doughnuts. 

The doughnuts were slightly more dense and less iced than Krispy Kreme. I loved them and am so glad we made the trip to Britt's!

We took a couple dozen doughnuts back to Lauren's family, including her grandmother who is in the lifetime doughnut club. 

Have y'all ever been to Britt's? What is your favorite place to get doughnuts? 

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