thankful Thursday: rest

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Lord is so gracious to give us rest. Even during a season of being engaged and planning a move.  

Right after we got engaged, I got sick. It lasted and lasted, eight days with a fever, etc., so I rested. I ended up staying home sick before Christmas break, so I was out of work for even longer. Somehow it was still such a sweet time. 

Zack and I got to soak it up, being engaged over Christmas, not planning our wedding yet. We spent time with family. We spent time with each other. And we rested.

As much as I go, go, go now, even this week, it snowed and iced, and my work was closed. There's still work to be done, of course, but for now, I have to stay home. Last year, school was closed more than any other time I remember because of so much winter weather. I remember then thanking God for a slow down. When I started to get overwhelmed at work, there was nothing I could do; I had to stay home.

If I live by my to-do list, there's no way I will finish it all. I may as well rest when I have the chance. Each morning, sitting and reading God's word and praying, that time is essential. Once in a while, and it's always unexpected, I get a few free hours, and I can rest more. The time is rare, and I'm thankful for it! 

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