thankful Thursday: family

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I moved out of my office this Monday and took with me some personal decorations that I had put up in years past. This year was so crazy that I only took the time to put up three pictures in my office: a church directory photo of my family from 2006, a church directory photo of my grandparents, and a snapshot of Zack's family at the fair. 

I hope I do the same with my time that I did with my office decorations. Family time is important, especially when I won't be able to have that time so easily soon. I can't go to church with my love on Sundays, so I did the next best thing this Sunday--went with his dad! None of his children made it to church on Sunday (working, etc.), but he had both of his daughters-in-law with him. I think that says a lot about the wonderful family I'm marrying into! I enjoyed spending time with all of my in-laws-to-be this weekend. 

My dad helped me move on Monday, and I'm getting more time to spend with my family now. I can have lunch with my mom, go on walks with my dad, and visit my brother, sister-in-law, and brand new nephew while I'm still living nearby and don't have work taking up my time. What a blessing!!! 

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