a tadpole with legs

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Zack loves analogies. Every time he explains something to me, he relates it to something else. When I'm taking notes in church, I write all of the analogies to the side so that when he asks me what I learned in church, I can explain the message by the analogies. 

My very favorite analogy that Zack has made up has to do with our engagement and how it's such an awkward time between dating and marriage. He called us a tadpole with legs. Not fully swimming tadpole, not fully hopping frog; a tadpole with legs.

It can be tough trying to move between states, set up house, and take care of errands for each other when we aren't legally married. We don't live in the same place, but we will soon. We don't have to make decisions together, but we will soon, and we want to now. We celebrate holidays with both of our families as if we were married, but we go home to our separate houses. Our stuff. is. everywhere.

I am so looking forward to finally being a frog!


  1. You are so good at loving your fiancé! Your devotion is so beautiful, and clearly evident. After about 2:16 PM today I know you'll be even better at loving your HUSBAND. What a blessed and lucky man!

  2. Beautiful picture of you guys <3 I wish you a lifetime of happiness as frogs!!!


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