hand me down honeymoon part one: getting there

Friday, July 31, 2015

For our honeymoon, Zack and I flew ourselves to the Bahamas and back, by way of Georgia and Florida. My parents also flew themselves on a similar tour of the southeast and the Bahamas. That's why I call it a hand me down honeymoon. Photos I posted on Instagram are tagged #handmedownhoneymoon.

 But first, doughnuts.

Zack's cousin works at Peace Love and Little Donuts. She brought us a variety in five boxes, including two whole boxes of maple bacon, to our wedding. Torri made sure they got in our car after the wedding, and I was SO happy when I got to eat them later. 

We started our journey to the Bahamas the day after our wedding. The first stop we'd planned was St. Simons Island, Georgia. 

We diverted to Savannah to wait out some weather. We got to see F-18s and other military aircraft, and we took the crew car to enjoy the river front. 

We switched seats for the hop from Savannah to SSI.

We finally ate our wedding food! I packed up a cooler, and we took it on our trip. We got to eat it in St. Simons Island. It was delicious! Unforgettable Food Affairs catered our wedding. It was perfect for a late night meal, before a walk on the beach. 

Up early the next morning, we headed down to the Bahamas. This is on final at Marsh Harbour airport. 

Only three more vehicles to get to our house! The woman who rented us the house coordinated a taxi for us, the taxi took us to meet the boat rental company on the water, and we rode with them back to the boat rental place, then took this boat to our house . . . almost. 

Once we parked in the cove, we unloaded all of our stuff. So the benefit of taking your own airplane (or your parents' ;) ) is that you can pack as many random bags, not real suitcases, as you want to, as long as you do a weight and balance, of course. It seems like an okay plan until you realize you have vague walking directions that take you an unknown distance, and you're not really sure you can carry all of it. I had been wearing my wedding shoes since our wedding, but I decided it was time to put on tennis shoes for this hike. Fortunately, as soon as I got them on, a man walked up and offered us a ride on his golf cart. He said that he had a family of five, but the rest of them took another way home. 

We were very thankful for the ride! Between our taxi from the hotel to the airport in SSI, the twin comanche, taxi from Marsh Harbour airport to the dock, boat to the cove, and golf cart to the house, we took five vehicles to get there just on Monday.

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