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Friday, October 11, 2013

Since I'm no expert at decorating a cake with frosting, I like the idea of cake banners.  Plus, how great is it that you can reuse the banner?!  I think a "happy birthday" banner may be next -- or maybe I'll just copy my pom pom garland and make "celebrate" so that I can use it for any occasion!

I used scrap burlap that my mom had left after making candy corn garlands.  I made a template on wrapping paper (card stock would be even better) and traced seven flags onto the burlap.

I cut out the flags and flipped them over in case any marks were left from tracing.  Permanent marker did not bleed through.

I drew some letters then decided I would rather draw them backward instead of cutting them out, flipping, tracing, and cutting again.  I was afraid cutting out the centers would ruin my work, so I left them without holes in the middle.  These letters are pretty tiny, and I didn't have a knife blade/razor handy.

I hot glued the letters onto the banner, using tweezers to place on the smallest pieces.  Once dry, I flipped them over, reversed them in order (important!), and hot glued onto twine.  I used fray check to attempt to keep the ends of the burlap from fraying and shedding onto the cake.

I tied the twine around bamboo skewers and slid them right into the cake.

The chocolate pound cake with Mom Mom's icing will be up soon!

How do you like to decorate cakes?  What's your favorite cake recipe?

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