Szechuan chicken

Monday, October 21, 2013

For a recent weeknight supper, I made Szechuan chicken for the first time.  I used this recipe because it was the easiest I could find that required me to buy the least ingredients.  B has been ordering Szechuan chicken frequently from a Chinese restaurant, so I set out to make it for much cheaper at home.  However, I had never tasted Szechuan chicken and only knew that I was aiming for a spicy flavor.  

The recipe suggests serving it over white rice, and I wanted vegetables to go along with it.  When B arrived, he told me that he eats it with the vegetables, chicken, and sauce all mixed together.  That worked out perfectly because I made the amount of sauce in the recipe and cooked a little less chicken than in the recipe.

I cooked a bag of snow peas, carrots, and broccoli, then added sliced mushrooms, canned water chestnuts (drained), and a sliced pepper that my dad's coworker had grown.

It came out tasting just like stir fry that my mom used to make.  The tiny bit of cayenne pepper didn't make it spicy enough, so we ate it with sriracha.  Then, B said, it tasted more like the Szechuan chicken he's used to.

Do you like Szechuan chicken?  Do you ever attempt to make Chinese food at home?  What's your favorite Chinese dish?

By the way, it was somewhat similar to the food I ate in Asia this summer (1, 2).  I LOVED it when we had plain white rice (instead of fried) at a meal there!

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