Veterans Date

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's always fun to have off work for a holiday, but this one was extra special. Around the time that Zack and I started dating, I was looking ahead at my work calendar and realized that this Veterans Day off may be different. I'd certainly never dated a veteran before, and none of my immediate family are veterans. So I asked him what he'd like to do on Veterans Day--with visions of parades, wreath laying ceremonies, and the like in my mind. He said he wanted to eat free food. Who knew there were so many free offers for veterans?! He also came around and decided to give more input.

We started with breakfast and cards. 

Zack got a free haircut at Sport Clips. 

Zack had been talking about us going to visit his Aunt Ann and Uncle Brad for a while, so their house was our next stop. He got a free Starbucks coffee on the way. Uncle Brad showed me his Marine Corps awards and decorations; there were many. 

We finally made it to the airport and started preflighting about the time my dad showed up. Zack helped him get his airplane ready, then we headed out. 

We took Zack's plane to visit his sister and niece. 

We flew a little too close to the towers for my liking. The airport had a sweet fifteen passenger van for us to drive to Zack's sister's house. 

Somehow, we ended up at the big airport, where Zack's parents picked us up to head to Grandma's birthday dinner. 

Zack and his brother had one more free meal (until Golden Corral the next week) to finish out Veterans Day. 


  1. wait... no pics with the sweet 15 passenger van?!? ha!

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Kelly! Luckily I got to see it that day and it WAS pretty sweet but I may be swayed by the fact that it had a Wolfpack Club sticker on the back ;-)


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