Showing You My Singles: Sarah

Friday, January 22, 2016

This Friday, I am linking up with Kelly's Korner blog for show us your life: singles. 

On the right is my pal Sarah. She loves Jesus and has been all over the world doing missions. Sarah will get up and go with a moment's notice even if it's not missions related. She is up for all kinds of adventures, including a planned sky dive on her next birthday! 

I met Sarah through a mutual friend who was in my small group in North Carolina. Sarah invited me to her church, hung out with me, and introduced me to many of her friends. She is the reason I know anyone in Georgia! 

Sarah loves on her friends' babies. These are not her own. 

She has done triathlons and enjoys working out at boot camp, running, climbing, and hiking. 

Sarah works full time and is also pursuing her Master's degree in social work. She works at a university and formerly worked all over the state of Georgia, helping migrant students access education. 

Sarah also has an awesome tattoo. 

I am so thankful to have Sarah as a friend! 

To get in touch with her, send me an email at 

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