Zack's big birthday

Monday, March 28, 2016

Yesterday, my love had a birthday. We were the same age for just over a month, but now he’s moved on to the next decade. 

I’m so thankful for Zack. I still pinch myself when I realize that I get to live life with him. 

Zack is an amazing, encouraging husband. He can find the positive in any situation. Zack is devoted to Jesus and reminds me that I should pray. Even when I’m mad, discouraged, or feel like giving up. Especially then. He shared his favorite verse with me before we were dating. Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” He pointed out that God gives us just enough light for the next step. That should have given me a peek into my future life with Zack: we only know enough to take one more step. He keeps me on my toes!!!

Zack and I connected over flying. The very first time we flew together, I was impressed with his calm manner and skill as a brand new flight instructor. Zack has made flying his career. He has blasted through numerous checkrides and earned his ATP this year. Zack lives incredible, adventurous stories, and he is truly an excellent pilot.

Every single meal I make, Zack tells me that it is the best meal ever. He doesn’t like tacos, so I usually eat them when he is gone to work. The other night, he came home earlier than I expected, when I had made tacos, and he fixed two plates and told me the food was great.

When we were house shopping, Zack told me that he’s not much of a handyman. Since we moved in, he has installed dimmer switches, replaced the ice maker in our refrigerator, and built a dog house. It’s not just any dog house; it has insulation and an architectural roof. The dog isn’t even his; hand me down Dan came with the marriage to me. There are so many more things he’s done around the house that I can’t explain because I don’t understand them. I realize how much grace God showed me by not letting me buy a house before I was married. I have no idea how I’d handle this on my own. Probably find a great handyman! Ha!

Even though Zack works and I stay home, he still helps with regular around the house tasks. He is much better than I am at vacuuming and even sweeping. He swept the other day and under the pie safe, swept out a bottle that had been there since our niece came to visit, almost four months ago, oops. Zack enjoys taking care of everything in the yard, and he has learned so much this year about caring for our grass and plants. Like everything he does, he’s done an exceptional job.

Many of these special characteristics may be a mystery to others, but anyone who’s met Zack knows his charming personality. I saw what an impression he makes on people when I was referred to as “Zachary’s wife” by our dentist’s office receptionist, and the man at Discount Tire said “Oh yeah, I remember your husband. He’s that cool pilot dude!” I can’t even count how many times people have asked me if he is that fun/hilarious/complimentary/generally enjoyable at home, and the answer is YES! Even when I’m mad at him, he can still make me laugh. I often wonder why in the world God chose me to be his wife. It is a privilege to be his partner.

Happy birthday, Zack! I hope we celebrate many more!!!

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